A: Your credit card will not be charged and only used to hold reservation. Please be sure to bring your credit card or other method of payment with you. If you want to pre-pay this reservation, simply put a note on it.

A: All transactions with AD Transportation take place on a secure server using SSL encryption technology to ensure your personal and payment details are protected. To verify that you are shopping in a secure environment, a padlock will appear in your browser.

A: We request that all passengers requiring pick up from airports to call us when they areready to be picked up. To make sure your pickup goes smoothly, please provide cell phone number at the place of pickup. Cell phone numbers are always welcome and can help us serve you better. If the passenger have checked luggage, please let our dispatcher know in advance, and please give us a call once again after you have pickup your luggage. If the passenger does not have checked bags, the passenger should call us as they exit the plane. After the call, the driver or dispatcher will direct the passenger where the meeting point, depends on the traffic at the airport, it might take 5 minutes or more for our chauffeurs to arrive at the meeting point.

A: You may cancel your reservation by calling us two hours before pickup time without a charge. Email or fax notification requires 24 hours advance notice. Cancellation of limousine reservation requires 2 days advance notice. Failure to follow the cancellation guideline will result in late cancellation charge to your credit card. Late cancellation charge may equal the reservation cost. Our telephone numbers are 510-338-8818, Email.

A: We don't extra if your flight arrival time will change. We are monitoring all flights for arrival time change and we will update your reservation pickup time accordingly. We will have a car for you if your flight is not delayed for more than 30 minutes from your scheduled arrival time.If your flight is delayed for more than 35 minutes, your reservation is not guaranteed. Please give us a call and we will make every effort to re-schedule you at no additional cost.

A: Rates listed above are for standard "Curbside Pickup" only. if you need gate meet pick up , "Meet & Greet" service is available for additional charges ($35 for domestic, $50 for international).

A: We give 40 minutes free wait time on Domestic arrivals. We give 50 minutes free wait time on International arrivals. (Additional Charges will be applied if waiting time is longer than 40 or 50 minutes ( charges $1 per 1 minute ).